Is this the best Skki Trikke movie of the 2020 season? Sankt Moritz rulezzz…

We come back to reality! We are ending the winter season with a bang, this is probably the best this year’s winter movie with #Skki #Trikke we sit down, watch, enjoy our joy, this weather and such winter conditions. And the company of trajkkers cannot be imitated.

How was Engadin St. Moritz Mountains?

Faultlessly! Who knows if it wasn’t the # 1 winter place for us to ride a Skki Trikke !! A lot of varied, wide routes, the entire winter infrastructure is excellent, the routes are perfectly maintained, numerous attractions, slaloms, Fun Parks, places to ride at maximum speed, traverses, tunnels, steep slopes, blue carving sections, off-track riding. In a word, everything. And what it really was like, this video below shows everything.
Have fun watching this movie !!
#GreenPower #LoveMyTrikke #Smile #skis Sankt Moritz #Ski #skiing


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