Safety. Quick learning. Just... Stand & Ride. Leg pain free. Injuries free. No ski bindings. Be unique. Stand out of the croud!


Using a chair lift is very simple, easy and natural. It does not matter what is the type of a chair lift, whether it has a windbreak, narrow or wide poles. You can always easily get there without any problems. There is no need for special preparations or additional equipment.

Check out in this video on the right side (“Chair, chairlift, entrance with Skki Trikke. Driving technique. Driving school”) how easy and simple it is.



Before entering a gondola, fold the Skki Trikke. It’s easy, simple and quick to do. Pull two folding pins and fold Skki Trikke. See how it’s done in the video below:

As we enter the gondola with the Skki Trikke folded, put it on the side of the gondola, at the same place where your skis are put.

ATTENTION!!! Please be careful with the front ski in order not to hurt someone with it. When it is crowded, we recommend that you remove it before entering the platform in front of a gondola.

Video on how to put the Skki Trikke in the gondola or on the side of the gondola in the ski basket:


Riding to the top of the ski slope runs the same way as with two skis. Stand on the platforms and rest the dragline on the lower back. Easy, simple, intuitive.

In this video you can see the explenation of everything:


The ride is done in the same way as on the T-bar lift with the only one difference of the plate being put between your legs instead of T-bar.

Take a look at this video: