Tests of the new SKki Trikke model 2025 on the Hintertux glacier

Our latest video from the first #NowySkki tests is now available.

There is definitely the #Skki #Trikke with the best handling, the best edge and the best usability. Better platforms with better grip for the feet, a new joint and a hexagonal frame create a duo that stiffens and gives precision to the entire movement system of positioning the skis on the edge. A quick, precise handlebar height adjustment system, new elastomers in the joint and feet, a new version of the ski mounting feet, dampens vibrations and puts this model in the first league of comfort when moving on snow in fast riding. The riding technique needs to be slightly modified than in the previous model, we stand further back, but this is due to the changed geometry of the entire frame/ski package. It’s safer, more fun and more confident to drive at high speeds.

To sum up, the design assumptions have been met, now we are just waiting for your orders. Availability in September 2024, price approximately 1,799 Euro.

Please watch the video 🙂

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