Stig, Agent 007 James Bond and Superman – they all ride a Skki Trikke!

Are you standing? Then sit down. Nabeel Arshad, our great fun, made a teaser movie from our trip to Austria. A video showing the beauty, emotions, speed and greatness of my #skki #trikke winter sport.
Marcin Maskulanis and Marek in the main roles. This is the essence of our sport, fan and winter teaser. How we love what we do !! We give people such cool winter fun, sport, challenges, speed and unique Winter Sport.
I think this movie made us a whole week
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There was The Stig, There was James Bond 007 and today is Superman: The Movie.
A film version of the man on #skki #trikke, who will save the world, the world of #sart, the world of people who want to have a great time at #stokNarciarski.
How do you like this new version of winter sports discovery in the colorful red / blue version?
For me, Nabeel Arshad #Genius
I am a happy man because I am responsible for giving people such an amazing sneak peak. #GreenPower NTN Snow & More #narty Ski Forum Skiing and more Trips to the Alps – skiing. snowboard freeride skitour

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