Skki Trikke – registration of members of the Slovak Ski Association

Hello and welcome

I have great news. We are officially registered as a SKI DISCIPLINE in the Slovak Ski Association !!!

What does it do?
Members can compete, ride, train as players, even with covid restrictions and closed ski slopes. They will be open to us.
Another thing. We are an OFFICIAL SKI DISCIPLINE which will allow us to ride calmly on many ski slopes where we were banned. There are few of them, but they are.
Each member will have a membership card of the Slovak Ski Association 😊
Here is the official information on what to do to join the Slovak Ski Association from Peter, who oversees it and will provide all the necessary information and register each member:
Please send to Peter Frank, or phone number 601 073 700 information for anyone who is willing to become a member of the Skki Trikke club: TRIKKE SLOVAKIA

The club is registered: Slovak Ski Association (Slovensky zvaz lyzovania – ZSL)
Club members receive ZSL membership cards
A member will not be like a competitor, but like a member of ZSL.
Player – it requires extra activities (e.g. medical examinations, insurance by the union, training plan, trips, …), we will not play it like that, because it does not change anything
Important: ZSL – as part of the membership, we get free timing for the competition for two rounds, goals and nets to secure the route. We will also have cheaper competitions. The contract for the competition with the ZSL is signed by the contract with the ZSL – Trikke Slovakia sports club
Entry fee for one year from the date of registration:

  • 10, -eur for TRIKKE SLOVAKIA
  • 10, -eur for ZSL

In total, it will be PLN 100 (paid to my private Polish account) and I will convert it into EUR and pay it to the ZSL account and the Trikke Slovakia account. A ZSL membership card will be issued.
Please send me information from the excel columns, I hope that no one will have a problem with the GDPR

Title Name Surname Country of origin Gender PESEL Dátum Narodenia Year of nationality Nationality Street Number Orientačné číslo City County Postcode Country e-mail

Postal Bank:
45 1320 1537 4193 2935 3000 0001
Name and surname for the transfer text for identification
Questions on or call 0048 601 073 700

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