Results, summary of the competition in Wisła – Skki Trikke Cup ZSL CUP 2021/22

On the weekend of December 19, 2021 our first giant slalom took place, the first competition in the series of competitions for the SZL Cup (Slovak Ski Association) Skki Trikke Cup 2021/22

ZSL CUP – Ski Association of Slovakia

32 competitors appeared at the start to compete with the Giant Slalom played at the Siglany ski station in Wisła

The Giant Slalom consisted of two runs of each competitor, the sum of the times counted for the winner. The first run was on a tight slalom route, so it required technique and precision in negotiating each goal. The second run, on the other hand, was already quick and, according to the competitors, this style of setting up the slalom was more to our liking. Because everyone knows that you have to ride a Skki Trikke very fast. 🙂

And of course the girls competed bravely on our Skki Trikke …..

Dorota, Woman Winner

And this is an effective entry to the finish line by the winner of the competition, Marcin in action !!

And here below for more photos and nice videos

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