New Skki Trikke 2025 model. Photos, technical data, information about changes

We are pleased to inform you and show you the long-awaited, our newest product, the new Skki Trikke model with model number 2025!!

The basic color is obviously green, but #GreenPower is now in a slightly modified shade. Lime green, which gives lightness and elegance. The second basic color is gray, which replaced the black that was in the 2017 model. The entire color is matte. Thanks to this, we have achieved an image of lightness and the scratches that may appear when using our Skki Trikke on the ski slope will be less visible.

Two colors for choice
This model will be available in two color variants. They differ in the color of the front bumper (green or gray), the color of the handlebar cover (green or gray) and the color of the ski binding bases (green or gray).

The surface texture on the steering wheel, platforms and front bumper is slightly rough, i.e. matte, which will prevent, for example, your feet from slipping on the platforms. This will also give your hands a better grip on the steering wheel. The steering wheel is covered with soft PE foam. So that your hands can control the ride comfortably, but it is hard enough to be very durable.

The frame, steerer tube and part of the joint have a hexagonal profile in the new 2025 model. This change provides a much stiffer frame, which will have a significant impact on the lightness and precision of driving.

The platforms have been modified and we have increased the height of the teeth and made them higher, as well as the number of spikes on the teeth, evenly distributed over the entire surface of the platforms, increased. This will significantly improve grip with the soles of your shoes and improve shoe control when riding aggressively in deep snow.

New skis, front 77 cm, rear 99 cm, with a wooden core and new geometry ensure lightness of skiing and precision during every turn. And the new sintered ski base will improve gliding. This type of base, reserved for high-class skis, absorbs grease better and releases it better when skiing on snow. This means that the lubrication of the skis will be better and the lubricant will stay on the glide of the skis longer.

A completely new joint has been developed along with a new, changed folding system.

Elsatomers of the joint have different dimensions and a different structure. Now they will be in the form of a silent block, i.e. the polyurethane is in a metal housing and there is a sleeve inside. Therefore, the washers have been eliminated, and replacing the elastomer itself will take 5 minutes. There are no seger rings. The elastomer is now secured with only two screws that can be unscrewed and the element can be replaced in a moment.

The new folding system has a slack lock on the pin. This element carries all the loads. The pin will now open freely and without resistance in all conditions on the ski slope.

There are also new ski mounting feet, which are lighter and made of a new DuPont material with the addition of fiberglass. Very durable and well dampens vibrations.

We have also changed the elastomers in the feet to which we attach the skis. They are two-level. They gradually harden from soft and harden in deep turns at high speeds. Helping to increase turning stability and preventing the ski from skittering on a strong edge.

This Skki Trikke model is shorter and narrower than the previous model with changed rear ski geometry. This greatly improved straight-ahead stability and the speed of turning from turn to turn. This is a nice feature that will allow you to react much faster when riding on moguls or in dangerous slope situations. For example, a skier suddenly coming out from the side, then this change will enable an even faster reaction to a change of direction in full edge. This is an important feature in terms of fun and safety.

The folded SKKI TRIKKE looks like this:


And another important change in terms of everyday usability!! This model will ultimately be about 600-800 grams lighter. But it won’t matter much anyway! As an accessory, you will be able to buy wheels that will turn Skki into a convenient stroller in a second. Everyone will be satisfied with this solution!! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šβœ…πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‚ The wheels and the frame will be stored and carried in the new, modified version of the ski bag.

We also added small, new color accents, i.e. the Polish flag on skis, red and green, anodized elements: steering axis bearing housing, lever pin, lock pin, handlebar height adjustment buckle, bearing buckle. These elements add elegance and show the quality of the product.

You can now place orders for this Skki Trikke 2025 model.

Estimated delivery date is:
August, September 2024.

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