How to learn to ski: Step by step guide. Virtual Instructor.

Virtual ski instructor.
Here is a video that will serve as a guide to learning skiing (Three skis Skki Trikke 😀)

Every element of driving lessons is translated into English. This will make it easier for anyone who does not understand Polish to quickly learn driving, turning, braking, direction control and driving speed. But we can also recommend this film to all our friends from abroad. In every country in Europe, in the world. We encourage everyone who would like to learn about our winter sport and skiing and knows English to watch this instructional video.

Virtual learning to ski with the Skki Trikke is literally a snap. Everyone can master driving very quickly, literally all you need is a gentle slope, 15 minutes of learning and you can control your speed and direction.

With such a quick and easy process of learning to ski, you don’t need an instructor (you save time and money). The entire process of learning to ski takes place without falling over. You avoid ski injuries. Having comfortable, warm winter shoes on your feet eliminates discomfort and pain in your legs and feet. Being comfortable on the ski slope brings smiles and a lot of fun.

You can treat this video as your virtual ski instructor. You’re welcome!

You will see for yourself that Skki Trikke skiing is a unique, excellent, cool, safe, fast, fan skiing activity. We 100% guarantee what we wrote above. Zero risk, 100% fun, fan and safety in the snow!

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